National Hydrogen Skills and Training Analysis

Why the National Hydrogen Strategy matters

The National Hydrogen Strategy outlines the actions needed for Australia to build a large-scale clean hydrogen supply chain. It states that the benefits of a clean hydrogen industry to Australia could be as high as $26 billion a year in additional GDP by 2050, and close to 17,000 new jobs across many areas of the economy, including energy, transport and heavy manufacturing (such as steel).

About the National Hydrogen Skills and Training Analysis Project

To support the National Hydrogen Strategy, the Government of South Australia’s Department for Energy and Mining and the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Skills and Employment have engaged PwC’s Skills for Australia to conduct a National Hydrogen Skills and Training Analysis. The analysis will identify and plan for the future skills and training needs of Australians working with hydrogen.

Project overview

The analysis aims to build a clear view of the workforce in six key areas of the hydrogen supply chain and will be completed by June 2022. The six in-scope areas of the supply chain are:

  • producing hydrogen
  • storing hydrogen
  • transporting hydrogen
  • replacing natural gas in networks and turbines
  • using hydrogen as a transport fuel for cars, buses, heavy transport and more
  • exporting at scale from Australia’s ports.

How you can get involved

We are keen to hear from people who can help map the skills and training needs for Australia to build this important new industry.

Please contact us if you would like to be directly consulted as part of the review. We will be reaching out to stakeholders to schedule consultations accordingly.

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This project is funded by the Commonwealth Government and supported by the Government of South Australia.

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