Teamwork and Communication

Skills for Australia is leading the development of training in the cross sector skills areas of Teamwork and Communication.

UPDATE: Case for Endorsement pending  

The draft Case for Endorsement and draft new cross sector training products are pending a determination about where new cross sector training product components will be housed and governance/maintenance arrangements. Thank you to all those who provided their valuable input in the preparation of these draft materials. Remember to subscribe to our mailing list to be kept up to date on how the project is progressing.

About the Teamwork and Communication Cross Sector Project

The purpose of this project is to provide an evidence-based case and industry support for developing Teamwork and Communication units to be used across multiple industries. This project also aims to better understand what these units might look like, how they might be delivered, and what benefits or risks need to be considered with any potential changes to existing Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Why Teamwork and Communication matters

Teamwork and Communication skills underpin virtually all work performed in an organisation. Employees who possess well-developed Teamwork and Communication skills are highly demanded by employers, as these skills enable enable them to work more effectively with others, attain new skills faster, and work effectively with a broader range of people. This translates into better outcomes for the organisation.

The importance of Teamwork and Communication skills is widely recognised across a broad range of organisations, in practically every industry. Employers are increasingly ascribing greater value to teamwork and communication skills during the hiring process, in comparison to technical skills. Furthermore, employers are investing time and money in developing the Teamwork and Communication skills of their existing workforce.

Our initial analysis identified approximately 25 industries, including Automotive, Business Services, Education, Retail Services, Maritime and Public Safety, that have skills needs for teamwork and/or communication skills.  The sector specific training in these industries were found to have vast similarities between them, conveying the need for training that recognises the importance of cross sector skills and also encourages the use of common training products that can be contextualised to various industries.