Recognised training for the disability support workforce


The NDIS National Workforce Plan 2021-2015, developed in consultation with NDIS stakeholders, committed to the development of industry recognised short courses to give care and support workers more flexible and tailored training options. 

PwC has been engaged by the Department of Social Services (DSS) in partnership with the Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) to develop Initiative 6 of the plan – to indicate what skills are needed for disability support work and to understand the career pathways for people working in the sector. This will enable the development of guidance for short courses or micro-credentials across nationally recognised training to improve the quality of supports. 


Project overview

This project maps the job architecture and career pathways for the full range of job roles in the NDIS with a view to capturing the breadth of roles and skills requirements for the workforce. On the basis of this understanding, the project will support the co-design of guidance on topics, content, assessment criteria and delivery modality for industry-recognised short courses with disability stakeholders to facilitate the skilling of the NDIS workforce. By providing a suite of short courses on a range of job-relevant topics through co-design with the disability sector, workers and providers will be able to select the courses they need to meet the requirements of individualised roles. 


How you can get involved

This consultation aims to find out what skills and training are required for roles in direct support work, as well as the critical skill needs and training gaps for workers in other roles such as management, allied health and back office. Your feedback will help to identify training gaps and career pathways to inform the design of short courses and options for industry recognition.

We are seeking input from a range of people and organisations including:

  • NDIS participants and their families, guardians and advocates
  • People working across the care and support sector
  • NDIS providers and employers of disability support workers
  • Training and education providers
  • Relevant government, industry and employer organisations. 


Primary Contact:


Please complete the web form below if you would like to be consulted as part of this project. We will be reaching out to stakeholders to schedule consultations accordingly.


This project is funded by the Department of Social Services and supported by the Human Services Skills Organisation.