Infection Control

Project overview

During the COVI-19 pandemic, the AISC Emergency Response Sub-committee and Department of Education, Skills and Employment, commissioned the development of a new cross-sectoral unit and skill set to address infection control skills needs across 10 priority sectors. A skill set and single new unit of competency has been designed to be used by workers across all industries undertaking their usual work activities.

The way people go about their daily lives has changed for the foreseeable future. Jobs in particular will be performed in a very different way and workers will need different skills and knowledge to enable them to continue in their chosen vocation. A critical skill in the long-term recovery of all Australian jobs will be applying infection control procedures in every job, as will be required by work health and safety (WHS) regulations and guidelines, In addition to new, and different, organisational procedures, implemented in order to reduce the spread of COVID 19 as people return to their workplaces.

To ensure that workers across all industries are enabled to return to work in a safe and sustainable manner, a cross-sector skill set has been developed to deliver the skills and knowledge workers require to undertake work activities in compliance with organisational procedures that prevent and control infection.

Housing of training products

The unit of competency (UoC) and skill set are proposed to be housed in the Business Services (BSB) Training Package as a cross-sectoral training product. This UoC is also intended to be added to the elective banks of closely aligned qualifications, BSB30719 Certificate III in Work Health and Safety and BSB30115 Certificate III in Business, which will also support additional engagement with this product, and further support speed-to-market in the delivery of this critical training.

Project documents

BSBWHS332X – Apply infection prevention and control procedures to own work activities

BSBSS00095 – Cross-Sector Infection Control Skill Set

Companion Volume Implementation Guide & Industry Contextualisation Guides