Inclusion of People with Disability in VET

Skills for Australia is leading the development of training in the cross sector area of Inclusion of People with Disability in VET.


There are 2.1 million people with a disability, of working age, in Australia.

PwC’s Skills for Australia has been commissioned to investigate how the VET sector and industry can address poorer education and employment outcomes for people with disability. Students with disability make up only 4.3 per cent of all students undertaking VET, and only around half of working age Australians with disability are in the labour force, compared to 83 per cent of those without disability.

About the Inclusion of People with Disability Cross Sector Project

The Inclusion of People with Disability in VET project is the first time government and industry have come together to explore how the development of training packages could increase the participation of people with disability in VET and the workplace. This cross sector project aims to equip vocational educators, employers and service providers with the skills and knowledge they need to better include people with disability in education, employment and service contexts. PwC’s Skills for Australia will look to develop units of competency on disability related issues that can be used across a range of industries.