Cyber Security

Skills for Australia is leading the development of training in the cross sector skill area of Cyber Security.

Why Cyber Security skills matter

Exponential and rapid growth in the amount of data being created and stored, including confidential data, raises significant concerns about privacy and security that are relevant to most industries. As society becomes more connected and more data is stored electronically, these concerns will grow.

An increasing number of industries will need cyber security professionals that can cope with advanced threat response, risk management and advanced adversaries. There are emerging cyber challenges that require new information security skills, with data protection and privacy cited as particular areas where organisations require more expertise.

About the Cyber Security Cross Sector Project

The purpose of this project is to provide an evidence-based case and industry support for developing vocational training in cyber security skills that can be transferable multiple industries. The Cyber Security Cross Sector project will review current and emerging developments in cyber security skills, particularly in relation to data confidentiality, protection and privacy, and identify related skills needs shared by multiple industry sectors. It is expected that this project will result in a significant reduction in duplication across the national VET system, and help to deliver a future fit cyber security workforce to organisations across multiple industries.

Project overview



Following the ICT IRC’s review of our key findings from consultation and the recommendations we proposed, in association with the project working group and other stakeholders, we have developed draft training products to address identified skills needs.

Please click below to view the draft training products, as well as a summary document containing more information.



We would welcome feedback as to whether the units are generic enough to be used across multiple industries. We would also value feedback on whether these nominal AQF levels that have been assigned (the first digit of the code in the draft units) are at the appropriate level. While the current unit and skill set codes in the draft products indicate that the ICT Training Package will host these cross sector training products, the matter is currently under review.

We will be accepting feedback on the draft training products in the scope of this project until 22nd February, 2019.

Please provide your feedback by emailing our team at

What’s next?

Over the coming months, we will work under the direction of a refreshed Cyber Security Project Working Group (PWG) and the Information and Communications Technology IRC to undertake quality assurance and review; and finalise a Case for Endorsement. This Case for Endorsement is due to be submitted to the Department in April 2019. If approved by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), the proposed new cross sector units will be publicly available for download from the National Register.  

How can you get involved?

To stay updated about the project’s progress, including when draft training products become available, you can subscribe to our website. For general enquiries and feedback, email us any time at