Big Data

PwC's Skills for Australia is leading the development of training in the cross sectoral skill area of Big Data.

What is big data?

Big data is the term used for a sizeable volume of both structured and unstructured data, that is too large to process through traditional database and software methods. Big data is the field that works with analysing, systematically extracting information from, or otherwise manipulating these very large data sets.

Why big data skills matter?

As more and more industries recognise the potential of big data, employees with skills in capturing, interpreting and taking advantage of that data will grow in importance.

Big data provides users with insights into trends and events which may otherwise be hard to detect or missed entirely. Businesses in many industries are placing growing emphasis on the capture, storage and use of this data, and how to leverage it for further opportunity and advancement. New roles are being created in this field; for example in data warehouse management and maintenance.

About the Big Data Cross Sector Project

The purpose of this project has been to provide an evidence-based case and industry support for developing vocational training in big data and big data analytics skills that can be transferable across multiple industries. The Big Data Cross Sector project has reviewed current and emerging developments in big data skills, particularly in relation to data management, big data analytics and data-driven decision making. It has identified related skills needs shared by multiple industry sectors. The intention of this project is to significantly reduce duplication across the national VET system, helping to deliver a future fit Big Data workforce to organisations across multiple industries.

Project overview

Following the ICT IRC’s review of our key findings from consultation and the recommendations we proposed, in association with the project working group and other stakeholders, we developed draft training products to address identified skills needs.

These draft training products were released for public review in February 2019 and the feedback we received was used to prepare the Case for Endorsement. Under the direction of a refreshed big data project working group (PWG) and the Information and Communications Technology IRC, we finalised the Case for Endorsement and submitted this to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) in May 2019.

The AISC approved the development of big data cross sector units at their meeting in December 2019. These new units of competency are now housed in the Business Services (BSB) Training Package.

More information can be found in the Case for Endorsement below, which also contains the cross sector units for our Cyber Security project.

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