Big Data

Skills for Australia is leading the development of training in the cross sectoral skill area of Big Data.

UPDATE: Big Data Case for Change approved by AISC

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) approved the Big Data Cross Sector Case for Change at the February 2018 AISC meeting. The next phase of this project is about to get underway, and will commence with an extensive stakeholder consultation exercise. To stay updated about the project’s progress or to be notified about upcoming stakeholder consultations, subscribe to our website.

About the Big Data Cross Sector Project

The purpose of this project is to provide an evidence-based case and industry support for developing common training units to be used across multiple industries. This project also aims to better understand what these units might look like, how they might be delivered, and what benefits or risks need to be considered with any potential changes to existing Vocational Education and Training (VET). It is expected that this project will result in a significant reduction in duplication across the national VET system, and help to deliver a future fit Big Data workforce to organisations across multiple industries.

Why Big Data matters

As more and more industries recognise the potential of Big Data, employees with skills in capturing, interpreting and taking advantage of that data will grow in importance.

Big Data provides users with insights into trends and events which may otherwise be hard to detect or missed entirely. Businesses in many industries are placing growing emphasis on the capture, storage and exploitation of this data. New roles are being created in this field; for example in data warehouse management and maintenance.