25 May 2017

REPORT: Perform to prosper – Getting Australia on the right track

At PwC we believe we need to find new ways of working to create new value. And everyone has a role to play. Government, educators and business too.

23 January 2017

PwC’s future in sight series explores the disruptive forces set to transform industries in the future.

Technological change is creating historic shifts in industry footprints. It's reshaping the foundations of many industries.

1 August 2016

[INFOGRAPHIC] Augmented Reality’s Path to success

With the viral success of Pokémon GO you may have heard about 'Augmented Reality' for the very first time. To understand AR and how it has grown over 50 years, take a look at the augment.com infographic.

10 June 2016

Skills for Australia: Building a future-fit workforce

Sara Caplan, PwC's Skills for Australia CEO, lays out her vision for the Skills Service Organisation. Take a look at Sara Caplan's plan for building a future-fit workforce by putting employers at the heart of Australia's Training and Qualifications system.

10 June 2016

[INFOGRAPHIC] PwC’s 2016 Budget Breakdown

Take a look at PwC's one glance Federal Budget Infographic.

10 June 2016

3D printing set to revolutionise the construction industry

Advances in 3D printing technology is seamlessly linking the digital and physical worlds. As a result, demand is surging across all spheres: from consumer applications in the home, to different sectors such as retail, healthcare and aviation.