3 August 2017

PwC’s Skills for Australia marks another milestone as a Skills Service Organisation

PwC's Skills for Australia has reflected on the progress made in 18months as a Skills Service Organisation.

25 May 2017

REPORT: Perform to prosper – Getting Australia on the right track

At PwC we believe we need to find new ways of working to create new value. And everyone has a role to play. Government, educators and business too.

23 February 2017

SURVEY: Training Products Improvement

This is an opportunity to provide input into training product development work that is currently underway across Business Services, Financial Services, Education, and Information and Communications Technology.

23 January 2017

PwC’s future in sight series explores the disruptive forces set to transform industries in the future.

Technological change is creating historic shifts in industry footprints. It's reshaping the foundations of many industries.

28 November 2016

Year One Training Product Development work now commencing

Following the approval of seven projects by the AISC on 17th November 2016, Skills for Australia is pleased to be commencing project work.

1 August 2016

[INFOGRAPHIC] Augmented Reality’s Path to success

With the viral success of Pokémon GO you may have heard about 'Augmented Reality' for the very first time. To understand AR and how it has grown over 50 years, take a look at the augment.com infographic.

10 June 2016

Skills for Australia: Building a future-fit workforce

Sara Caplan, PwC's Skills for Australia CEO, lays out her vision for the Skills Service Organisation. Take a look at Sara Caplan's plan for building a future-fit workforce by putting employers at the heart of Australia's Training and Qualifications system.

10 June 2016

[INFOGRAPHIC] PwC’s 2016 Budget Breakdown

Take a look at PwC's one glance Federal Budget Infographic.

10 June 2016

REPORT: Blurred lines – How FinTech is shaping Financial Services

PwC's Global FinTech report, Blurred lines: How FinTech is shaping Financial Services, assesses the rise of new technologies in the financial services (FS) sector and their impact on market players.

10 June 2016

Report: Wealth management’s technology problem

Fintech’s transition from obscure portmanteau to household name has already been one of the defining business stories of 2016. But amidst the ongoing efforts of these scrappy startups to reshape the financial services industry, many sub-sectors still remain sheltered from the storm.

10 June 2016

Blockchain in financial services: How ready are we to adopt?

Before the concept of blockchain became famous in its own right, the talk of the town was Bitcoin. Blockchain, the technology on which Bitcoin is based, is now in the limelight itself, presenting a broader landscape of opportunity that goes well beyond digital currencies.