REPORT: Business Services training package recommendations

We have released a Recommendations Report for the current review of the Business Services training package.

It covers the following projects:

  • Business Enterprise Skills (including Enterprise Skills; Leadership and Management; and Project Management)
  • Technical Skills (including Legal Services; Conveyancing; Human Resources; Audit and Compliance; Information Services; and Marketing)

Between August 2018 and June 2019, we undertook a national round of consultation for the Business Services (BSB) training package, on behalf of the BSB Industry Reference Committee (IRC).

The consultation findings, and the resulting proposed changes to the training package, have been summarised in this report.

Please note, this document has been released after industry consultation and prior to the training product development phase of this review. There are still many further opportunities for input, as additional consultation will continue to be undertaken throughout the training product development phase of work, which commences this month.

What is a Recommendations Report?

A Recommendations Report is prepared by PwC’s Skills for Australia for all projects at the end of the first round of industry consultation and before training product drafting commences, to provide IRCs with a summary of findings and recommendations for translation into training products.

It is a summary document, summarising all of the messages we have heard during consultation, and all of the suggestions that have been put forward. We distil these into a set of recommendations that then, once accepted by the IRC, guide training product development.

Why is the Business Services Recommendations Report important?

We are now at the point where qualifications, units of competency and skill sets will be drafted. We will be conducting dedicated consultation with training sector professionals as part of this process. Once complete, draft training products (including information on mapping and equivalence) will be released for public review and comment, as is general practice.

As you can see from the Recommendations Report, the scale of proposed changes is extensive. This is because, overwhelmingly, the feedback has been that the transferable or enterprise skills are seen as the foundation stones across many different job roles and sectors, especially going forward in the workplace.

Structuring the BSB training package such that technical streams are created and the enterprise skills are used across all streams is a way of giving students transferable skills, underpinning their technical skills, so that they can be flexible, adaptable employees and able to deal with the pace of change we are seeing in many sectors.

We are proud to be supporting the Business Services IRC in this future-focussed review. We know the future workforce will require learners to possess a strong foundation of transferable skills, and the forward-looking approach to qualification development will have an overwhelmingly positive impact for learners.