AISC releases communique announcing industry updates and new IRCs

The Australian Industry and Skills Commission (AISC) has released a communique featuring important updates to training and education.

Cases for Endorsement for two of PwC Skills for Australia’s industries have been approved for implementation, including:

Automotive Retail Service and Repair (AUR)

  • Vehicle body repair estimating
  • Marine fuel systems and mechanical technicians for the marine retail, service and repair industry
  • Multi-combination heavy commercial vehicle braking systems

Business Services (BSB)

  • Purchasing

Click on the industry links above to view the Cases for Endorsement for each project. 

The AISC has also approved the establishment of a new Industry Reference Committee (IRC), Naval Shipbuilding.

“Building on the AISC’s recent decision to form three new IRCs to address the future requirements of Industry 4.0, Environmental Sustainability and Aged Care workforce in Australia, the AISC agreed to establish a specific purpose Naval Shipbuilding IRC to provide an explicit focus on understanding the skilling requirements for the naval shipbuilding and sustainment industries and to lead industry’s response to the needs identified,” the AISC announced.

“With the naval shipbuilding workforce expected to grow to around 5,200 workers and more than double this number of workers in sustainment activities and throughout supply chains by the mid to late 2020s, a skilled workforce is critical to its success.

“The proposed Naval Shipbuilding IRC will identify gaps within the training system and, where relevant, work with existing IRCs on strategies to meet the specific skill needs of the naval shipbuilding and sustainment industry.”

Click here to view the AISC communique.