Networking at the forefront for PwC and Holmesglen peers

PwC Australia Higher Apprentices and students from Holmesglen Institute came together for an enlightening afternoon of learning in Melbourne.

Held at the PwC offices in Southbank, the event focused on developing core enterprise skills including relationship building and networking.

It provided a valuable opportunity for students from Holmesglen and participants in PwC’s Higher Apprenticeship Program to meet as peers, connected by their Vocational Education and Training (VET) studies in business.

During the learning event on April 5th, participants learned how to develop their networking skills, including the concept of thin slicing and practically applying the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.

Holmesglen student Ineke Lazcano said it was an insightful afternoon that enhanced her professional development.

“I feel energized to implement what I gained within my own work practices,” Ms Lazcano said.

Diploma of Project Management student Dee Ong found the learning event enlightening.

“Perhaps even more enlightening was a peek into PwC’s organisational and work culture and practices – an amazing place to work in,” Ms Ong said.

Students and peers learned how to develop their skills in networking

PwC Higher Apprentice Rachel Chambers said the experience taught her a lot about herself.

“The PwC networking event was a great opportunity to connect with all the people involved with the Melbourne Higher Apprenticeship program,” Ms Chambers said.

“It also gave us the opportunity to meet students who are undertaking VET training in a more traditional setting and learn from them.”

Higher Apprentices are employed in a two-year pilot program which enables them to work while gaining a tertiary qualification.

“We launched the Higher Apprenticeship initiative because we are always looking to diversify our workforce and find new talent​,” said PwC Partner and Higher Apprenticeship Lead Sara Caplan.

“Combining customised classroom studies aligned to the PwC business, alongside real client engagement, this pioneering program gives students a flying start to their careers.”

The pilot allows participants to complete a Diploma of Business; of which the Melbourne training is provided through Holmesglen.

“Holmesglen has been an amazing training provider as staff have always worked with us to ensure that the training is flexible so that we are able to meet the requirements of our training while we are working full time,” Ms Chambers said.

The learning event was followed by networking drinks on The Terrace at PwC 

“I am beyond grateful to be able to be a part of the PwC Higher Apprenticeship program. It has allowed me to work in a field a am extremely passionate about while learning on the job.”

PwC acts as both driver of the nationwide program and one of the eight employers participating in it.

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