Inclusion of People with Disability in VET Environmental Scan released

PwC’s Skills for Australia has released an Environmental Scan as part of the Inclusion of People with Disability in VET cross sector project.

The Environmental Scan outlines the current state of inclusion for people with disability in Australia, focusing on the challenges faced in education and training, employment, and customer service contexts.

It has been gathered from multiple sources: desktop research, literature review, preliminary stakeholder consultations, review of existing data on workforce trends, Industry Skills Forecasts and existing training package components.

It is clear there are a multitude of factors impeding inclusion of people with disability in education, employment and customer service contexts. Overwhelmingly, research and consultations conducted by PwC’s Skills for Australia highlight three key issues:

  1. Low levels of awareness and understanding of what disability is and its impacts;
  2. Low levels of awareness and understanding of what resources are available and different strategies for
    how to support people with disability; and
  3. Poor implementation of accessibility and inclusion in practice, contributing to often unintended
    exclusion of people with disability.

These insights will form the basis for upcoming targeted stakeholder consultations to be held from now until March 2018. The scan will be used as a preliminary identification of barriers, skill and knowledge gaps, opportunities for improvement, and potential training package solutions, to be further workshopped and developed through stakeholder consultations.

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