SURVEY: The Future of Work

The future of work will look very different to today.

So how is your organisation preparing for tomorrow’s workforce today?

PwC is working with Professor Lynda Gratton of London Business School to investigate how organisations are reacting to the challenges and opportunities around the future of work. The  survey looks at how organisations are preparing for the work of the future, getting ready for the workers of the future and, not least, how they plan to unleash great work performance.

Research findings will be released at the PwC Future of Work conference in Madrid in June 2018.

The survey takes a maximum of 13 minutes to complete and includes questions which are designed to understand the actions you are taking today and those actions you believe are most important to the future of your business.

Your contribution to this piece of work would be very much appreciated. Survey closes in mid-January 2018.

To complete the survey, please click the button below: