Teamwork and Communication public paper released

On behalf of the Teamwork and Communication Project Reference Group (PRG) PwC’s Skills for Australia has released a public paper for the Teamwork and Communication cross sector project, which details key findings and recommendations based on extensive stakeholder consultation and research.

Teamwork and communication skills are essential for workers in almost every industry.

PwC’s Skills for Australia is leading the Australian Industry and Skills Committee’s Teamwork and Communication cross sector project. The aim of this project is to understand industry support for developing common teamwork and communication units that can be contextualised across various industries.

Some of the key findings from our consultations and literature review include:

  • The rise of digital communication and social media, and the increasing importance of effective communication, were repeatedly identified as key trends shaping communication skills needs in industry.
  • Key teamwork skills most demanded by industry include: organisation and planning, working in diverse teams, decision making, and giving/receiving feedback.
  • Key communication skills most demanded by industry include: oral communication, written communication, interpersonal skills (including emotional intelligence), and active listening.
  • Employers across a wide variety of industries are experiencing difficulty in finding workers who possess sufficient teamwork and communication skills to make them work ready.
  • While many training packages do possess units related to teamwork and communication skills, the content is not aligned with industry skills needs.
  • Most stakeholders felt that the potential benefits of implementing duplicate units far outweigh the risks, as effective teamwork and communication training is lacking in VET.

These insights will feed into a Case for Endorsement, which will present a concise, evidence-driven case to the AISC for proposed training product development.

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