Skills for Australia is leading the Teamwork and Communication cross sector project

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC)  has appointed PwC’s Skills for Australia as the lead Skills Service Organisation (SSO) responsible for the cross sector project in the area of Teamwork and Communication. Skills for Australia is also currently working on cross sector projects in the areas of Cyber Security and Big Data.

These areas are now three of eight cross sector projects identified as being critical across numerous industries, and are part of the AISC’s plan to strategically address common skills needs identified in Industry Reference Committee (IRC) Industry Skills Forecasts and Proposed Schedules of Work.

The aim of the Teamwork and Communication project is to develop training package components that address skills needs across industries in a coordinated and efficient way, thus providing better support for individuals to move between related occupations, and to improve the training system’s efficiency by creating units that can be used by multiple industry sectors.

It is expected that the outcome of this project may lead to a significant reduction in duplication across the national training system, through the development of common units that can be imported into training packages.

Skills for Australia will work with the other SSOs to establish a project reference group (PRG) for this project. The PRG will consist of a representative from each IRC that has a material interest in the project. We will work with the PRG to undertake a review of current and emerging skills needs in Teamwork and Communication, and undertake industry wide consultation. We will then work with the PRG to develop and submit a Case for Endorsement to the AISC which will identify the common training package components to address the identified skills needs across industries.


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