SURVEY: Business Services Training Package

Have your say on improvements to be made to the Business Services Training Package.

PwC’s Skills for Australia recognises the importance of extensive, industry-led consultation as part of our training product development work.

How can business services training be improved across Australia? 

PwC’s Skills for Australia is seeking industry input in relation to a number of projects being undertaken within the Business Services Training Package. This is an opportunity to provide input into training product development work that will better align training products with industry needs.

Your perspectives and feedback will be captured and used to inform changes to training products within the scope of current projects. These surveys are one of the mechanisms used by PwC’s Skills for Australia to gather contributions from diverse stakeholders; ultimately helping to improve the alignment of training to industry trends.

​More specifically, we are looking to gather views direct from the public on the types of skills that are required; and job activities that people are doing day to day across a number of business services roles including: human resources, executive assistants, program management, digital adaptation, leadership and management. This will help develop a standard of business services skills and training in Australia.

To complete one or more of the project surveys, follow the links below:

Please note: These surveys will close Friday 1 September 2017, 6pm AEST.

If you have any questions about the survey, you can contact us at 1800 714 819, or email us at