REPORT: Perform to prosper – Getting Australia on the right track

For the past two decades, Australians have been surfing wave after wave of continuous economic growth.

But if we’re going to keep catching those waves, our workforce is going to have to become nimble – because the conditions are changing around us. Collective action must be taken now by government, educators, employers, and individuals.

So, whose job is it to ensure Australia’s prosperity?

“Government and the business sector need to listen to each other and work together to prepare the nation’s workforce for the future.

“Businesses have access to data on trends in industry and the labour market. Policymakers can use that to anticipate future market needs and help bring about systemic changes in education and business culture, incentivising and facilitating greater collaboration across academia and business.” Sara Caplan, CEO Skills for Australia

At PwC we believe we need to find new ways of working to create new value. And everyone has a role to play. Government, educators and business too. This is the action that will put Australia back on track.