SURVEY: Training Products Improvement

PwC’s Skills for Australia recognises the importance of extensive, industry-led consultation as part of training product development work.


Have your say on improvements to be made to training packages.

PwC’s Skills for Australia Training Products Improvement Survey is now available, and can accessed following this link, or by clicking the ‘Access Survey’ button below. This is an opportunity to provide input into training product development work that is currently underway across Business Services, Financial Services, Education, and Information and Communications Technology.

Your perspectives and feedback will be captured and used to inform changes to training products within the scope of current projects. This survey is one of the mechanisms used by PwC’s Skills for Australia to gather contributions from diverse stakeholders; ultimately helping to improve the alignment of training to industry needs.


Access Survey 2

You will be asked to indicate which project/s you are interested in giving feedback on (you may select more than one).

The projects are:

  • Business Services – Review purchasing qualifications
  • Education – Review the Foundation Skills training package
  • Financial Services – Develop a Diploma and skill set for payroll
  • Financial Services – Review accounting and bookkeeping qualifications
  • Financial Services – Develop a skill set in business conduct and ethics
  • Information and Communications Technology – Review IT qualifications that may not be fit for purpose
  • Information and Communications Technology – Review qualifications relating to