NEW – Interpretation Guide: TAE Training Package Release 2.0

We are pleased to announce the publication of the new ‘Interpretation Guide: TAE Training Package Release 2.0’ on our website;

Following the second release of the TAE Training Package in April 2016, we received more than 500 queries on how it should be understood and implemented. The aim of this Interpretation Guide is to provide clear and consistent advice on how to interpret key aspects of the TAE Training Package (Release 2.0), creating a point of truth for interested stakeholders. The interpretation of the TAE Training Package in this Guide is based on the prevailing views of VET practitioners, RTOs and other stakeholders made evident through consultation sessions held by PwC’s Skills for Australia.

This Guide has been designed to address queries encountered in our role as SSO, with focus given to concerns frequently raised with us. Through the consultation process, six key areas of concern were identified in the TAE Training Package. The consultation process also generated valuable conversations on how to improve future versions of the training package. The feedback collected has been documented for future review.

This Interpretation Guide is focussed on providing clarity on the current version of the TAE Training Package as it stands. The consultation sessions and preparation of this Guide were undertaken with the support of the Education Industry Reference Committee (IRC).

If you have any questions or comments about this Guide or the TAE Training Package, please get in touch with us at or via our hotline 1800 714 819.



NEW – Interpretation Guide: TAE Training Package Release 2.0